Woman harassed by online Chinese seller to change her 1-star review despite bad experiences in using nail product

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50 (L))

In the world today, we bought almost everything online. And one crucial step before deciding which online shop to buy from is to read their review. Research proves that 65% of Americans trust online reviews, and 82% of American adults check product reviews before making a purchase.

One Reddit user recently received a nail product from one of the Chinese companies in Amazon and was not satisfied with the quality of the product—or dealing with the company.

Even when their product didn’t meet customer’s expectation, they’re trying to harass her into changing her honest review.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50)

Sharing her experience with the fake review scam process on Amazon, the woman was said to receive a free sample of nail product from the company in exchange for a 5-star review.

In the company message that was shared on Reddit, they gave clear instruction not to include the word ‘free’ or ‘samples’ while writing a not-to-short-comment and also to include images.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

So she posted a picture and wrote her honest review of the product.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

She shares how she takes an hour trying to remove the nail product off even when it says ‘easy to remove’. She finally got it off after a while and found out that it had peeled her natural nails and ruined her cuticles. Hence, giving only one star for her review.

Unfortunately, this kind of honesty is not welcomed by the company. So the company sent another message to her clarifying their original request—to put four or five stars for her review despite what she experienced.

They even asked her to change her original review.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

Well, the customer didn’t seem to agree on lying about the product and decided to stick on what she wrote.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

Under US federal law, exchanging free products or payments for a good review is illegal and Amazon has banned the process since back in 2016. So far, Amazon has sued more than 1000 third-party fake review sites. However, this Chinese company has clearly ignored that.

After her firm decision to not change her review, the company responded that the reviewer should have communicated with them before posting her review.

They also claimed that they would not be cooperating with her anymore.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

She updated her review upon that, but clearly not exactly how the company wanted.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

She added another comment under her original comment exposing the company’s review scheme. After the brutal addition to her review, the company messaged her again asking her to delete her two comments about their product and apologize if they have offended her in any way.

Well, that’s not the case here as she only wrote the truth about the product.

Credit: Reddit/Sweet_Tangerine50

Upon this, many other people shared that they also had the same experiences with other Chinese companies. Some of them were even closed as sellers by Amazon when they threatened not to refund customers’ money unless they changed to better reviews.

It’s a good thing that Amazon is taking deliberate actions on cases like this.

Credit: Bored Panda | Reddit


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