Hardworking college student sells ice candy after class to finance studies and support his family


For some people, education comes naturally and going to school is just another day. But things are different for the 25-year-old Joel Quitoriano from Cauayan, Isabela, Philippines.

Having parents working as farmers, his family is having a hard time making the end meets and it’s not enough for all of them. Deeply understands how it is for his family, Quitoriano goes to Ilocos Sur with a pastor and lives in an orphanage in the town of Cabugao.

Despite all the hardships, Quitoriano’s ultimate dream is to complete his study and get back together with his family. Currently a second-year student at the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Quitoriano is taking the Public Administration course.

In order to finance his study, Quitoriano sells ice candy right after he finishes his classes.

Credit: ABS-CBN

“My classes schedule is from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. From 12:00 PM onwards, I’ll be doing my business. When I get home, I will be cooking the ice candy again. That’s what I always do.”

Received the permission to do his business within the campus, Quitoriano always appears with two boxes full of his ice candies. Only selling for P10 ($0.19) per piece, Quitoriano put aside his pain and fatigue just to gain extra cash. Said that he would never be ashamed of selling ice candy, Quitoriano is proud for doing something honorable.

His classmates are very proud of him and admire his determination. They are also his customers.

Credit: ABS-CBN

“He really wanted to study. He’s determined to help his family,” said Angel Apuya, one of Quitoriano’s classmates.

“He’s doing business to finance his own study. Sometimes people ask if we’re ashamed of having friends like him. I said I’m not ashamed at all because he did that to support his family,” added another friend, Lani Elizalde.

Quitoriano’s instructor Joselito de la Rosa also shared that the young man is an inspiration as he is a good student with good grades and good time management.

Credit: ABS-CBN

Working hard to achieve his dreams of graduating and supporting his family at the same time is definitely not an easy task, but he managed to do it both.

We pray for your success, Joel!

Credit: ABS-CBN


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