Poor boy gets 2-story house and aid from millionaire after footage of him doing homework under streetlight went viral


This 11-year-old boy from Peru once made headlines around the world after footage of him doing his homework under a streetlight went viral on the internet. 

Now, the boy does not have to worry about finishing his homework on the roadside as a 31-year-old millionaire from Bahrain is about to change his life forever.

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba became popular on social media after images captured from a surveillance camera show him struggling to finish his homework under a dim streetlight in Moche, Peru.

Credit: YouTube

The boy had to do his homework on a roadside with the help of a streetlight as his family could not afford electricity at their home.

In spite of his difficult situation, the boy was committed to finish his homework.

Credit: YouTube

His determination to completing his homework on the street at night has moved millions of hearts around the world.

Ever since the footage went viral online, Víctor has caught the attention of many organizations who wished to help ease his family’s financial situation including Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a philanthropist from Bahrain.

After learning about Víctor, the millionaire flew to Peru to transform Víctor’s life for the better.

Credit: Chileokulto.cl

According to Tubarco, Mubarak has transformed Víctor’s home into two stories high.

Mubarak has also pledged to help Víctor’s mother to set up her own business and to rebuild the boy’s local school and reportedly offered to set up a computer room in Victor’s school.

Credit: Naaju

According to Mubarak, he, too, came from humble beginnings similar to Víctor. He hopes that his favor will ensure a bright future for Víctor and his family.

As for Víctor, he has nothing but endless gratitude to Mubarak. “Thank you for the help you are offering, thank you very much because you are helping us to build our school,” he said.

“I thank the people who want to do this to me [build my house]. I thank them very much that they have had that kindness and they have given time to come to my humble home, because anyone does not do it.”

Here is the viral footage of Victor doing homework under streetlight if you have missed it:

Credit: Unilad 


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