“Please do your duties as a wife first” Man complains about pregnant wife online and netizens are furious

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A Taiwanese man shares that his wife is complaining too much about her difficult pregnancy and is not helping much with the household chores despite everything he gives to her but the internet thinks otherwise.

In a post the husband shares online which has gone viral, he claims that his wife complains too much about her pregnancy and with the household chores that he thinks are what she should take care of as a wife.

“I want to complain about my wife. She quit her job and is currently resting at home because of her difficult pregnancy,” the man wrote.

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“I have already let her stay and rest at home but how can she have so many health issues after that?!”

“I’m really tired. I give her TWD 10,000 (USD 317) a month but it is not enough for her. How much money does she need for household chores and cooking? I only earn around TWD 30,000 (USD 953) a month. Can’t she help be more prudent with the money? How much does it actually cost for a child?”

“I don’t know why she keeps saying that her lower back is in pain and she can’t sleep well, it is only five months into her pregnancy.”

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“When I want to go out for a vacation during holidays, she said that her waist is in too much pain and she can’t walk far,” he continued.

“Plus, I know that my mother loves to meddle in other people’s business and complain about many things but how could my wife not know how to respect her? After all, she is in her 50s. How many years left does she have?”

“We don’t have to pay for the rental and she is already part of our family. Is it not appropriate for my wife to do the housework and the laundry and take care of the pets in return for the free stay?”

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“How can she argue all the time wanting to go back to her parents’ home? How about the money for the gas? What an ungrateful wife and yet, she still wants me to give her a wedding? Please do your duties as a wife first!”

When the post made rounds on the internet, many people criticized the husband for lacking common sense when it comes to his pregnant wife.

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“You only give TWD 10,000 and yet, dare to demand so much,” one user wrote while another user commented, “Don’t you have duties as a husband as well? Marriage and pregnancy take two to tango.”

Another user also gave a sarcastic comment about him complaining that his wife wanted to go back to her hometown. “Does her family live in Europe? You are so disappointing as a husband.”

Meanwhile, some users commented that the real problem was the mother-in-law and not entirely the wife’s fault.

What do you think of the husband? Does he complain too much or that he has a reasonable argument?

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