To ensure his safety, driver got out of his van to carry elderly man across the road


As a courier delivery man, driving through the day is already a huge challenge. He might be tired and occupied, but this DHL Express courier from Singapore proves that nothing matters when it comes to good manners and helping the vulnerable ones.

The DHL Express courier known as the 40-year-old Anson Chung was at that time on his way for delivery when he saw a struggling elderly man crossing the road. Looking at the situation, Chung didn’t think twice before he rushed to piggyback the elderly man so that he can quickly cross the road safely.

“I was on my way to delivery when I saw the elderly man struggling to cross the road.”

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The traffic light had already turned green and cars were stopping for him. I just wanted to help him cross the road safely so he could get home safely. That’s all that crossed my mind,” recalled Chung on what happened that day.

“I stopped my van at a safe place and went to help him. He had problems walking, so I decided to piggyback him.”

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After making sure that the elderly man safely gets to the other side of the road and stable on his walking aid, Chung returned to his van. The elderly man also didn’t forget to thank Chung for his kind gesture.

Doing it out of pure chivalry, Chung wasn’t aware that a man by the name of H. Leonardi had witnessed the incident and recorded the entire ordeal.

Chung who has been with DHL for 15 years was praised by his employer and colleagues during an internal event.

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“I am only doing what is right, so I didn’t expect it to go viral,” told Chung.

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“We are proud to have Anson Chung, who has such a big heart, as a member of our staff. We are glad that he was there at the right time and place to lend a helping hand. He is a role model to all our employees of how we can be connecting people and improving lives beyond just delivering parcels,” said DHL Express Singapore’s managing director Christopher Ong.

He did the right thing.

Watch the recording of Chung carrying the elderly man below:

DHL have their own superhero.

Not all superheroes wear capes."Witnessed this kind deed this morning 17/5/19 at about 10:45am at Waterloo Street and Middle Road junction.A DHL driver stopped his vehicle & helped an elderly person who had mobility issues to cross the road. As the traffic lights turned green this guy did the most amazing thing." – Hambali LeonardiVideo submission by Hambali Leonardi

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Credit: Stomp


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