My husband told me that he has a mistress and he’s asking me to decide if I want a divorce

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A woman is in a dilemma after her husband admitted to her that he has a mistress and made it clear that he does not want to leave his mistress.

After years of being together, he asked her to decide whether or not to stay in the marriage and it is not something that she can decide overnight, so she wrote a letter to local publication to ask for advice.

“Hello, I am a well-known entrepreneur in my community. It worried me if my husband’s affair was made public but if I did not send this letter, I am worried that I would be struggling to deal with this issue. I hope that you can give me the advice to overcome this issue,” the woman wrote.

“I started my own business with my husband, and we have a small business together. I have a good life. At present, we have children together and thanks to my husband’s efforts, our lives and business have prospered.

“Having said that, five years ago, when I was pregnant with our youngest daughter, we decided to take a major step for our business.”

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“My husband would work outstation while I would take care of our business at home.”

“At first, it worked well for both of us. I did not have any problem managing our business and my husband was doing well as I expected of him. Our business was growing bigger each day and everything seemed well until about half a year ago when my husband told me that he has a mistress.”

“He said that he wanted to be responsible and wanted me to decide whether I wanted to continue our marriage or had a divorce.”

“However, there was one condition, he did not want to leave his mistress as she was always there for him whenever things went wrong when he was working outstation.”

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“When I heard the news, I felt like the sky was falling down. It was too painful for me to think about it to the point that I even considered taking my own life. Nevertheless, it was my children who stopped me from attempting suicide. I still have them in my life.”

“It really broke my heart to think about this issue but I have to admit that my husband is indeed a very good man and an attractive one.”

“Despite him approaching middle age, he is still someone who can touch my heart. What should I do?”

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It breaks her heart so much that her husband chose his mistress over their marriage. If you were the woman, what would you do?

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