It’s harder than it looks—can you spot the mistake in this brain teaser in less than 5 seconds?


You might’ve come across interesting and stimulating brain teasers a few times in life, but I’m sure it’s nothing like this one. Recently a new brain teaser has been circulating online asking people to spot the mistake.

Created by a user on Playbuzz, the challenge is telling people that they should spot the mistake and tell what is wrong with the things in the picture. It looks easy, but the catch is you should be able to spot the mistake in less than five seconds.

This brain teaser looks visibly simple—showing the instruction and nine numbers with different colors.

Credit: Playbuzz

Did you spot the mistake in less than five seconds?

Are you sure?

The creator said that “It’s harder than it looks” and I couldn’t agree more.

The answer actually has nothing to do at all with the numbers of different colors, but it lies in the instruction of the sentence.

Credit: Playbuzz

If you think that the word ‘mistake‘ itself is the mistake that you should be looking at, that as an answer would be too common, and definitely not the right one.

If you want to know the answer, find the word ‘the‘ in the instruction text.

Yes, the word ‘the‘ was actually written two times in the instruction text.

Did you get it right?


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