The way you carry your bag can actually tell a lot about you. Which one is yours?


Are you carrying a bag right now? Did you know that the way you’re carrying your bag can actually tell about your personality? In this following backpack test, your personality will be revealed from the way you carry your bag.

Out of these five ways of carrying bags, which one is yours?

Credit: The Epoch Times

Let’s see what it reveals about you!

A. The bag on your back

You are a friendly person, honest and straightforward. You stick to your opinion most of the time, will usually be self-centered and often prioritize your needs—making you ignore the feelings of others sometimes. You are stubborn in deciding things and might not consider the consequences of your actions sometimes. This behavior sometimes can bring pain to your family and friends.

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B. The bag on your chest

You are a person with a lot of emotions. The feeling of yearning for freedom that you have will influence you to possibly change jobs, residences and even lovers. You are usually the one who leads the chat when talking to someone. You have a set of principles for life that you believe in and stubborn about it. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t like it means you don’t like it. It’s hard to change your mind when you put your heart in it.

C. Bag to the side, on your shoulder

You are an optimistic person who likes a low-key life. You hate a control freak because you want to decide life on your own. You are a steady person and a good listener. You can usually talk to others and attentively listen to them.

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D. Wearing a bag cross-body

Money and power are dispensable for you. You don’t have a special desire for money or ambition. You think that life is good and it’s easy to satisfy you. You don’t have any particular thoughts on rich and powerful people. So you don’t usually make too many criticisms and not fond of enemies.

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E. Wearing the bag on your head

You don’t care about what people think and how people see you. You live in your own world and have a free character. You are like a growing child—brave to chase your dream and might believe that a unicorn really exists too. No matter how others ridiculed you, you won’t be concerned at all because you are the one that knows how to listen to your own inner voice.

Did the way you carry your bag match what it says about you?

Credit: The Epoch Times


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