From zero interest to scoring A’s, passionate teacher goes great lengths to teach indigenous children


Teaching has always been quite a challenge wherever you are. But this teacher in Runchang Primary School in Pahang, Malaysia has taken it up to the next level. Samuel Isaiah is teaching English to the children of aborigines in the state.

Teaching the children where English is not the language they use every day is already a challenge for Isaiah, but he proves that strong passion and dedication can definitely beat anything.

Isaiah’s story was shared on social media by another teacher who wishes everyone to be inspired by his unique approach.

Credit: Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh

Isaiah did not only successfully change the mindset of the children from not having any interest in learning the subject, but he also manages to help them achieve good results for the subject.

When he first started teaching, Isaiah was told that he didn’t have to put in too much effort because most of the students were not interested in learning.

Shocked upon hearing that, he challenged himself to change the perception of everyone towards those kids.

Credit: Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh

He realized that the class attendance was very poor and it’s hard to get them to speak English regularly. So he came up with an idea of a fun classroom—using musical instruments as a part of English lessons. This way, those children can indirectly learn English.

He even managed to collect some funds to make sure his students got their own instruments.

Credit: Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh

In 2015, Isaiah also managed to create a modern classroom where each of the students receives a tablet and a PC using the funds he collected. Not only that, their classrooms were equipped with a PA system and LCD projector too! Even more impressive, he set up the international email exchange project called ‘Asli E-Pal’.

Through the project, his students can communicate in English using email with volunteers from all over the world.

Credit: Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh

“I realized I needed to transform more than just my classroom practice. The physical infrastructure, an environment that promotes the use of English Language, self-made modules and books that catered to their specific needs, assessed them for learning and not the exams, and lastly projects that enabled them to love and embrace meaningful learning.”

“Why? They’re my children, and I’m just a father figure who’s willing to go great lengths for them,” told Isaiah when asked on why he’s willing to go great lengths for his students.

Credit: Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh

When the attendance is poor, he introduced ‘Sekolah Pokok’ where he goes to villages and conduct a lesson under a tree—sacrificing his own weekends. But all that is not for nothing as his class size rapidly increases from only 10 students to 50 students!

With all his efforts, the percentage of students in Runchang Primary School passing their English papers has increased tremendously and some even got an A in their final exam.

Way to go, Isaiah!

Credit: World of Buzz


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