Teachers in Leyte literally have to climb mountains to get signal and send in their reports on a regular basis


Apart from teaching, teachers are usually required to make reports and evaluations. While it is something that a lot of teachers do from the comfort of their own desk, it is a completely different situation for these teachers from Leyte, Philippines.

Reports and evaluations are not strange for those who work as a teacher.

Apparently, apart from preparing for classes, teaching and managing students, teachers are also required to send reports and evaluations on a regular basis to the Department of Education (DepEd).

It serves as a piece of ‘evidence’ that they have done something for the students as a teacher. As if they have not worked hard enough!

While many teachers find the reports and evaluations to be sent before the strict deadlines imposed to be quite an inconvenience as they can take a lot of time to be done, teachers from Leyte have another challenge they have to face every time they need to submit their reports.

Teachers in Leyte, an island located in the Philippines, are struggling to send their reports and evaluations before deadlines because most of their schools do not have an internet connection. 

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

Due to the absence of an internet connection, most of them need to walk for miles and climb up mountains just to get a stable internet connection.

Even mobile data is barely available in lowlands, hence, they have no choice but to climb mountains to use their pocket Wi-Fi and send in their reports!

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

However, the signals up on the mountain are not always stable.

Most of the times, they just have to hope that the signal would remain strong enough until they successfully submit their reports online.

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

One of the dedicated teachers, Joseph Sumayang who works as a teacher in Libertad, Abuyog, in Leyte recently shared several photos of him and his colleagues sitting on rocks and grass on a mountain while completing their reports to be sent before a deadline.

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

According to Joseph, they have to do this regularly especially after the school year ends as that is when most reports need to be sent to DepEd.

Nevertheless, Joseph said that his wife had an even tougher situation.

As the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) coordinator in their school, Libertad Elementary School (LES), his wife had more reports to be done.

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

LES school principal, Gregorio Betonio expressed his worries because the teachers have to go a great extent just to send in their reports online.

Sometimes, they are still up on the mountain as late as 8 pm to work on their reports.

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

Gregorio feared that the teachers could experience trouble due to the remote locations, wild animals, and mosquitoes in the area.

Credit: Joseph Sumayang / Facebook

As for many teachers in Leyte, they hoped that DepEd or other government agency would look into their situation to help them do their duties as teachers better without having to go to such great lengths when they could use the time to focus on their teaching.

Credit: Buhay Teachers 


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