Dad attends late daughter’s graduation and accepts high honors awards on behalf of her


As a father, all Art Tecson Jr. wanted was to see his daughter beaming with a proud smile when she held her scroll on her graduation day. Unfortunately, that would never come true. 

Allyza Marie Tecson was one of the outstanding students at her high school and would have graduated with High Honours.

However, Allyza who had dreamed of becoming a flight attendant passed away due to dengue.

Credit: Art Tecson Jr. / Facebook

Nevertheless, even when she was admitted to the hospital to receive her treatment, Allyza still did her best to finish her school projects and scored good grades.

Allyza was a strong girl and she was determined to not let her illness from stopping her to graduate with flying colours.

Sadly, she lost the battle against dengue and passed away on March 15.

Credit: Art Tecson Jr. / Facebook

Her passing was absolutely devastating for her father, Art who was unable to be by her side during her last moment in life as he was working in Saudi.

After three days Allyza was laid to rest, Art was finally able to come home. 

Credit: Art Tecson Jr. / Facebook

When he learned that his late daughter would receive High Honors from the Senior High School Department of Asian College of Technology – Bulacao Campus in Cebu City, he felt that he needed to attend the graduation on her behalf. So, he did.

On the graduation day, Art and his sister, Maureen Tecson Dakay went on stage to accept the award for Allyza. 

Credit: Art Tecson Jr. / Facebook

They even brought Allyza’s framed graduation photo to honor her. During the award ceremony, Art proudly wore Allyza’s medal.

Credit: Art Tecson Jr. / Facebook

It was a bittersweet moment for Art and his family to accept the award on behalf of Allyza but they could not be prouder for her. After all, Allyza showed her very best even during her last days on Earth.

Credit: The Summit Express


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