3 easy steps to effective weight loss with Japan’s “Banana Diet” without really dieting


In recent years, the “Banana Diet” has become increasingly popular in Japan thanks to its effectiveness to help dieters to lose weight. 

There are many variations when it comes to “Banana Diet” with “Morning Banana Diet” as one of the most popular ones in Japan. There is also a diet where one eats a banana before every meal to feel full faster.

Meanwhile, another diet that recommends eating a banana before dinner is also believed to be one of the effective diets for those who wish to lose some extra weight. 

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This type of “Banana Diet” allows its dieters to consume at most two bananas each day and the fruit is to be eaten at least half an hour before dinner.

If you easily get hungry at night and tend to eat more after a tiring day at work, this diet might be perfect for you.

As 100-gram of banana has about 86 calories, this fruit acts as the best substitute for a bowl of white rice which can easily contain up to 252 calories.

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One of the major causes for many people to lose their momentum in their weight-loss journey is due to hunger while dieting. By following this diet, one can reduce their portion for each meal and feels full faster while at the same time keeping their calorie intake at a deficit.

So, here is how this “Banana Diet” goes:

  1. Eat one or two bananas 30 minutes before dinner. Note that you are allowed only two bananas each day. As bananas are considered healthy, they are still high in sugar and carbohydrates.
  2. After eating bananas, drink about 200ml of green tea or plain water.
  3. Then, you can enjoy your dinner!

There are also some rules that you have to remember while doing this diet:

  • You must eat bananas before your meal and drink some water after eating the fruit, preferably drinks that are sugar-free and warm.
  • If you feel full after eating the bananas, do not force yourself to have dinner.
  • You can also eat the bananas with greek yogurt or any yogurt that is low in sugar.

According to the Japanese magazine, “Yohobika”, about 80 percent of people who follow this banana diet has received good results.

Among them, 50 percent have lost weight and inches off their waistline.

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More than 50 percent of them have also experienced better digestion and bowel movement.

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So, if you are thinking of losing some weight, this diet might be good for you! Plus, you can still eat as usual and add bananas to your diet. Simple, right?

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