Crying can help you lose weight and the best time is between 7 and 10 pm, study shows


If you want to lose weight while at the same time, easily gets teared up when watching sad movies, this is good news for you. Apparently, emotional crying can help you lose weight!

According to AsiaOne, a recent study shows that emotional crying can help one lose weight because it is linked with hormones that increase cortisol level.

These hormones will be induced when you have bottled up emotions and choose to let it out with crying.

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Apart from that, biochemist William Frey even discovered that stress-induced tears can remove any kinds of toxic substances from the body. Hence, during emotional and stressful times, the body removes such substances through weeping.

As cortisol levels, stress-induced hormones that are responsible for weight gain are released through crying, the body cannot possibly store more fat.

However, the study suggests that only tears triggered by emotional causes will take benefit of weight loss.

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For your information, there are three types of tears:

  1. Basal tears: This tear is considered as “basic functional tear” because they keep our eyes moist.
  2. Reflex tears: Also known as “irritation tear”, this tear is induced by environmental factors such as smokes, strong wind or chopping an onion.
  3. Psychic tears: Unlike the above, this type of tear is linked to one’s feelings and emotions.

Thus, only psychic tears will help you lose your weight.

The study also suggests that there is a specific time when this crying is effective for weight loss.

Shedding your tears between 7 and 10 pm is the best time for you to cry.

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No one likes to cry but apparently, a good cry from time to time is actually beneficial to you. Watch a sad movie or cry over broken relationships during these hours if you would like to enjoy these perks!

Credit: AsiaOne


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