Test your eyes with this image: Which 4 numbers do you see?


With the ever-increasing popularity of the internet and social media nowadays, it is easy to spend hours on our mobile phones and laptops.

Before we know it, our vision suddenly gets worse and everything seems quite blurry!

If you ever suspect that your vision might have gotten worse, why not test your vision with this eye test. As many people comment on how accurate it is, it is not a surprise to see the eye test has been making rounds on social media recently.

It may not be precise but at least you know that you will need to see your ophthalmologist as soon as possible if you do not get the answer right!

Here is the eye test. There are four hidden numbers in this black and white image.

Can you see what numbers are hidden in this image?

Credit: Happy Share

If you are done, here is the answer. Do not be surprised if you get it wrong!

If you saw:

3246: You are short-sighted and may have astigmatism.

3240: You have astigmatism but do not have short-sightedness.

1246: You only have short-sightedness but do not have astigmatism.

1240: Congratulations! You have perfect vision!

When the eye test went viral on the internet, many people felt that their answers truly reflected their eyesight.

Credit: Happy Share

A user wrote, “Welp. My optician is apparently aces. With glasses I saw 1240; without, I saw both 3246 & 3240, depending on how I turned my head. I am both short-sighted and have astigmatism.”

However, there were some users who commented that the result was inaccurate. “I have perfect eyesight and I saw a 1,” one user wrote.

“I see 1246, however, I am farsighted, not shortsighted,” wrote another user.

While many said that this eye test was accurate, it only serves as a test.

Whatever numbers did you see in the image, if you ever felt that your eyesight is getting worse, do seek out for professional help.


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