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Personality test: How do you hold your cup can tell a lot about your character


It may be involuntary or something that you have never put much thought when doing it but believe it or not, how you hold a cup can reveal a lot about your personality!

In case you have not noticed yet, how we hold our cup is often the same most of the time throughout our lives. Our habit can actually tell something about ourselves.

Of course, we are talking about a cup with a handle so how do you usually grab your cup?

Here are four photos whereby each of them describes a unique way of holding a cup. Which one is yours?

Are you the person who usually does A where you hold your cup with both hands or are you a fancy B, holding the cup with your pinky finger lifted up?

If you are not A or B, is it C where you only use your thumb and forefinger to pick a cup? Maybe D where you hold a cup with one hand?

Ready to find out what it tells you about your personality?

A: Hold the cup with both hands

Credit: Unsplash

In your romantic relationship, you are the quiet one and do not mind paying for your partner.

You also persevere and become determined when you put your mind into something. As long as you have a goal, you will work towards achieving it and never give up. You are also a firm believer when it comes to doing something with sincerity and hard work. People who fail to appreciate you will soon regret!

B: Hold the cup with the pinky finger lifted up

Credit: Unsplash

You hate conflicts with others so you never gossip about anyone or spread rumors. You are also gentle, easy to adapt to new environments, social and friendly towards others that people find it hard to point out your flaws.

However, you tend to keep things to yourself and afraid to open up because you do not want others to worry about you. Being a friend with you is a blessing!

C: Hold the cup with only the thumb and forefinger 

Credit: Unsplash


You are easily influenced by other people’s opinion. However, you are straightforward and often make it obvious about your preferences or dislikes. If you feel annoyed by someone or something, you will immediately distant yourself from them or it.

You are also bold and your friends often ask for your advice and help which makes you very attractive and popular among your friends.

D: Hold the cup with one hand

Credit: Unsplash

You do not like conflicts with people as you are sensitive and delicate. You always think about others first but prefer to not share your problems to avoid people worrying about you.

You are also rational and have a very good relationship with the people around you.

Credit: Epoch Times 



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