Most people fail to solve this simple math test but can you figure out the answer?


Every now and then, it is always good to challenge your brain in a fun way by doing some brain exercises like this math quizzes.

This math tests may look simple but surprisingly, they have failed many people!

Most of us can do addition and subtraction easily, even if it’s over 3 or 4 figures as it is something that we have done many times. However, when other variables are introduced, it can get considerably more difficult.

Like this equation. What should you solve first? What’s the easiest way to solve this math test?

it’s important to know exactly where to start when the math test involves different methods of operations.

To make it easier, we have provided three options that you can choose. Which one do you guess to be the right answer?

Here is the answer.

If you answer it correctly, congratulations! You still have your great math skills but if you did not get the right answer, try to solve the second math test.

It is not that different from the first equation but it can be a bit tricky!

Can you figure out the answer?

Here is the correct answer.

Did you guess it right? Kudos to you!

In both equations, what is important is where you start to solve it. In these math tests, the sign X always takes precedence over any signs. You also have to remember to solve the equation inside the bracket first!

Did you have fun solving these math tests? Why not share them with your friends and family and see whether or not they could solve them!

Credit: The Laugh Bible 


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