A little girl spotted a beautiful plastic bag liked object and wanted to pick it up—Luckily, her father quickly stopped her


One day, a little girl felt curious when she spotted a colorful plastic bag liked object on the beach

She found a twig and was about to pick it up when her father who stood nearby noticed her action and came over to have a look. Her father knew well about aquatic life and knew it straight away what that beautiful plastic was.

The father quickly told his daughter not to touch it

Luckily, the cautious father was able to identify the beautiful plastic that got his daughter’s attention and said that the plastic-looking thing was a horrific killer

He then used a twig to pick it up and brought it back to the sea so that it would not harm anyone else

The mysterious plastic object is called a monk jellyfish and it is very poisonous. Its tentacle could grow up to a length of 90 cm! It could kill you even from a distance.

If the little girl touched it, it could be disastrous!

According to Wikipedia, a person who got stung by this jellyfish will experience a sudden drop in blood pressure, breathing difficulties, gradually lose consciousness, and shock throughout the body. Lastly, the person could die of lung failure!

Large amounts of these Monk jellyfishes can be found in Taiwan’s Kenting.

If you find one of this ‘coloured plastic bags’ at the beach, remember, do not pick them up!

According to venom scientist from the University of Hawaii, Christie Wilcox, conventional methods to alleviate the pain from jellyfish stings do not necessarily help. These methods include rinsing with seawater, apply pee and ice.

Instead, Wilcox recommends a three-step treatment to bring temporary relief:

  1. Use vinegar to rinse away the tentacles and deactivate the stinging cells. Do this first so that the sting won’t spread to other areas when you try to remove the tentacles.
  2. Delicately lift the tentacles off the skin using tweezers. If you scrap them off or rubbing with sand, it will trigger any active stingers to release more venom.
  3. Apply heat because it will permanently inactivate the venom.

Share this reminder about this beautiful plastic bag out with others to raise awareness that this is actually a dangerous killer!


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