Do you have a keen eye for detail? Find the number 2s hidden among the Zs


Think that you have a sharp eye for detail and better at noticing something than other people? Then, you will definitely enjoy this puzzle.

Sometimes, it is not easy to ignore the distraction. The busy life that we live means that we do not have the time to get distracted and for us to shift our focus to our priorities.

However, it is not always easy to remain focused all the time.

Having regular brain workouts can help with our productivity as well as our working memory and attention skills. Brain exercises such as puzzles, riddles, crosswords, logic puzzles are known to give benefits to strengthen working memory and promote brain health for many years like this puzzle.

At first glance, this image may seem like just several lines of Z letters. However, there are several number 2s hidden among the Zs!

Can you find it?

Your challenge is to find all the number 2s hidden and to be as fast as possible. You really need to be fast as you only have 10 seconds.

Are you ready?

How many number 2s did you find in the image?

If your answer is 6, congratulations! There are 6 number 2s hidden among the Zs.

If your answer is less than that, do not worry. You still can train your eye to spot better next time.

Enjoyed doing this puzzle? Why not share it with your friends and family and see if they could notice all the number 2s hidden in the image!


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