‘Hobbit’ woman quit society and has lived in a forest for 18 years without electricity or technology


In today’s society where we rely so much on our phones and technology to complete simple, everyday tasks, it almost seems impossible to live without them.

But this lady, 58-year-old Emma Orbach from Wales, decided to do just that—to make a simple life for herself in a forest.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

The Oxford University graduate has spent 18 years in a roundhouse she built herself, without electricity. She even grows her own food! 

While it may seem impossible for some, especially the younger generation of today, Emma is proving you don’t need much to live a happy life. 

For food, she has her own vegetable plot where she harvests her own fruit and veg.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

She chops her own firewood, and has seven chickens, three goats and two horses. She looks after everything all by herself!

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Ever complained about the taste of your water at home? Well, Emma goes to a nearby stream for her drinking water.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Occasionally she does buy some rice and chocolate at the shops if she feels like treating herself, though. Talk about self-discipline! 

In the evening, she entertains herself by playing the Celtic harp. 

After she cooks her dinner, she then lies down on her wool-stuffed mattress at tries to get some shut eye around 7.30pm.

She says she is really happy living life this way! Emma doesn’t have a worry in the world. The 58-year-old is happy to be surrounded by nature, without the distractions of everyday life.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

“This is how I want to live. This lifestyle makes me feel really happy and at peace and this is my ideal home,” Emma said.

Her little roundhouse is so cute! It looks almost like a hobbit house from Lord of the Rings.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

She even named it Tir Ysbrydol, which is a Welsh phrase meaning “spirit land”.

She is completely against technology in the home, so when her kids come to visit, they’re banned from bringing their laptops and phones with them.

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Emma’s way of life is rare to find nowadays, but it makes us wonder if life could be lived without the constant social media notifications and need to update the world about every single thing we do.

Could you live like Emma without technology and electricity? Let us know in the comments.

Credit: Daily Mail


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