Cafe owner uses eco-friendly straws made from coconut leaves to replace plastic straws


In an attempt to raise awareness on plastic pollution, a cafe owner from Siargao Island in the Philippines made an incredible stride to replace all plastic straws with eco-friendly “lukay” straws. 

“Lukay” is the local term for palm leaves or coconut fronds.

Plastic pollution has been plaguing the world population as the problem has extended to threaten the oceans and marine life.

Hence, the cafe owner shifted to using eco-friendly straws instead of plastic ones.

Credit: Facebook/Cafe Editha

The cafe owner, Sarah Tiu, of Cafe Editha in Dapa, Surigao del Norte took inspiration to use lukay straws from her trip to Corregidor Island in Siargao.

“We bought fresh buko and they just cut lukay, then made it into straws. So we asked them to teach us [because] we were very impressed with the idea,” Tiu said in an interview with

The 37-year-old cafe owner attempted to use different kinds of straws including stainless steel straws in replacement of plastic straws.

Credit: Facebook/Cafe Editha

However, the alternative did not receive a positive response from her customers.

“We tried using stainless straws and paper straws, but our customers didn’t like using it,” Tiu added.

She then started to use lukay straws as a substitute as they are easy to make and decomposable.

Her eco-friendly initiative later received praises from the netizens who were impressed by her creative take on the alternative to plastic straws.

I got this idea when we visited Correigidor and I'm very impressed. ?????? LUKAY straw is easy to make and…

Posted by Cafe Editha on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Her post about lukay straws has amassed thousands of likes from the netizens and has been shared over 26,000 times as of this writing.

She also shared a tutorial video on how to make the lukay straws from scratch. Watch the video here.



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