Man builds eco-friendly village with houses made out of plastic bottles and they look just as modern


In the light of excessive single use of plastic bottles, one creative Canadian came up with a brilliant solution to reuse plastic bottles to build homes.

The idea suddenly struck Canadian Robert Bezeau who is also an entrepreneur when he saw plastic bottles laying everywhere.

The situation later inspired him to take an initiative to find a new way to reuse plastic bottles and that was when he came up with the eco-friendly idea.

Credit: Vimeo/Plastic Bottle Village

So, the entrepreneur later moved to Bocas del Toro in Panama where he began to turn his idea into reality called the Plastic Bottle Village.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

The village is where Bezeau builds homes with plastic bottles in his mission to reduce plastic waste and reuse them in construction.

Credit: Bored Panda

In his message, Bezeau stated that he wished for the world to start reuse plastic bottles in many other applications like home insulation, rapid temporary shelters after disasters and many more.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

Bezeau said, “I want the world to realize that we can reuse plastic bottles in many other applications such as:

1. Home insulation

2. Rapid temporary shelters after disasters

3. Buildings for animal’s on farms

4. Building swimming pools

5. Water catchment tanks

6. Septic tanks

7. Agriculture waterways (land drainage)

8. Commercial warehouse construction

9. Barns

10. Roads”

It may seem a little bit unconventional compared to our typical brick and mortar houses but the homes he builds using plastic bottles certainly look nothing less than impressive and beautiful!

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

The website he dedicates for the project also offers some before-and-after shots of the houses and they look incredibly gorgeous.

Credit: Bored Panda

“We will be living inside what we have consumed and thrown away, and will
re-construct those materials into modern, stylish, and quality built residencies,” the website writes.

One might not even notice that the house was built using plastic bottles by looking at the nicely decorated interior.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

It takes about 14,000 plastic bottles to build a 100-square-meter house in the village.

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior design, the plastic bottle houses are also earthquake resistant and are very cool in temperature, thus, eliminating the need to install an air-conditioner.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

The Plastic Bottle Village also offers a stay at the Plastic Castle.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

The Plastic Castle which took two years to finish and 40,000 PET bottles has four levels.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

It also has two guest rooms, one royal suite, a bar and a dining area.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

There is also a plastic bottle jail that the visitors can visit to learn more about the harmful effect of plastic waste on our planet.

Credit: Plastic Bottle Village 

According to the website, the houses are available for anyone to purchase. If you are looking to build your own plastic bottle house on the island, the land costs around $19,000 and the architects are always ready to turn your dream come true.

Find out more about Robert’s efforts from below video and website:

Credit: Bored Panda | Plastic Bottle Village 


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