Many struggle to see triangles hidden in this image—can you guess how many triangles are there?


If you are a fan of brainteasers, you will definitely love this latest brainteaser that has been baffling many people on the internet!

While this brainteaser may seem like a simple drawing of several triangles stacked up against each other, it has certainly caused many people scratching their heads as they tried to find the answer.

Even those who are good at math have been stumped by this brainteaser but if you paid attention in your geometry class back in school, there may be a high chance for you to figure out the real answer.

Even if you are not good at math, give it a try and you will be surprised just how easy this brainteaser actually is!

How many triangles can you see in this image?

How many did you find? Are you ready to see the answer?

There are a lot of triangles in this brainteaser and apart from the obvious small ones, it is important for you to think out of the box to see the hidden triangles.

If you answered 13, congratulations! You have the right answer.

If you did not get the correct answer, do not worry.

Let us first count the small triangles first. Obviously, you can see that there are 9 small triangles.

Then, let us count the hidden triangles in blue, green and red. You will instantly get another 3 triangles.

Add them up with the giant triangle outside the small triangles, you will get 13 triangles in total.

Easy, right? If you enjoyed solving this brainteaser, why not share it with your friends and family!

Credit: The Laugh Bible 


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