Family discovers feathers still attached to McDonald’s fried chicken, horrified as daughter almost eats it


A family in Beijing got a nasty surprise when they ordered fried chicken wings from McDonald’s, only to find they still had their feathers attached.

Photos of the feathered food quickly went viral on Weibo—China’s version of Twitter—with many expressing their anger and disgust at the American fast-food chain.

The family ordered four chicken wings from McDonald’s and had already eaten three.

When the mom saw her daughter biting into the final one, she was horrified when she saw the feathers still attached to it.

Credit: Sina Web

“I saw it when the child was eating it … biting right down onto the feathers,” the mom told Pear Videos, major Chinese short-video news outlet.

The dad added, “This is the chicken wing that my precious daughter was eating at McDonald’s.

“If your kids are going to have this, or if the adults are going it eat it, what is the wing going to be like?”

No parent would ever want their child to consume the feathery chicken wings, imagine if she had choked on them!

Credit: Sina Web

Although the daughter’s health is ok, the mom said she has been affected psychologically by the whole thing. It’s safe to say she won’t be eating McDonald’s chicken wings for a while…

The mom said she contacted China’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

McDonald’s have since apologised for the incident. “McDonald’s China has paid great attention to this incident, and [we’ve] opened an investigation,” it posted on Weibo.

Image illustration of a McDonald’s outlet in China. (Credit: Wikipedia)

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time people have discovered a little something extra in their McDonald’s chicken items. Take a scroll below for just a few of the nasty treats we found.

1. A netizen posted back in 2013, “WTF! My chicken wings from McDonalds still has feathers on it…”


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2. “Deep fried chicken feather in my mcdonalds earlier yehhhh,” Ashley tweeted.

3. “Thanks @McDonalds for letting me know you use real chickens? This feather deep fried on my McNugget is disgusting,” another internet user posted on Twitter.

4. The perfect way to end a meal… 

5. Not what he was expecting.

6. Yum! 

7. This girl got more than she bargained for… 

8. At least you know it’s real chicken…?

9. He almost ate it!

10. Lucky day for Tania

We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely going to steer clear for a while.

Credit: Epoch Times


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