Despite 48-year age gap and 6800 miles away, this British-Filipino couple is still going strong


A love story with a 48-year age gap between a Filipino woman and a British man is not exactly a typical love story with many people calling her a “mail-order bride” but Lorie has something to tell that not many people know of.

23-year-old Filipino Lorie first met 71-year-old British Thomas back in 2014 through Facebook. Their story began when Thomas was captured by Lorie’s profile.

Thomas fell in love at first sight with Lorie. However, for Lorie, she was taken aback by Thomas’ age when she first knew him.

Nevertheless, as they got to know each other better, his personality eventually won Lorie’s heart.

The same year, they planned to have their first date in the Philippines on the same day as Lorie’s birthday. That was when their love story truly began.

In spite of their 48-year age gap, both Lorie and Thomas felt committed to their love.

The two then tied the knot in January 2015 and welcomed their daughter together in June 2016.

At the moment, Lorie and Thomas are in a long-distant relationship with their daughter Mary mostly staying with Lorie in the Philippines.

However, Thomas always makes time to fly to the Philippines to reunite with his wife and daughter throughout the year.

Usually, Thomas will spend five months in the country with Lorie and Mary before flying back to his home country.

They have their ups-and-downs and being distant from each other does not make it any easier but they always reassured each other and stays happily married.

Nevertheless, he always makes sure to stay in touch with them on Skype when he is far away.

While their families have accepted their relationship, Lorie said that she often receives some backlashes from strangers for their unlikely love story and the huge age gap.

Some people have even gone as far as to accuse her as a “mail-order bride” but Lorie strongly denied it.

For Lorie, it was just a matter of destiny that the two of them met on Facebook.

In spite of their age gap, Lorie believes that trust and loyalty are what build a long-lasting relationship so they often stay connected through Skype and communicated as frequent as possible on a daily basis.

Credit: Daily Mail


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