20 amazing teachers who keep their students learning in the most creative ways


Teachers nowadays have a harder time to keep their students’ attention from all kinds of distraction such as mobile phones, tablets, and when the students themselves are not so eager to attend the class.

Hence, it is not a surprise to see how creative teachers can get to keep students motivated to go to class and these teachers definitely know how to get their job done.

Here are 20 stories that internet users share about the great lengths that their teachers go just to ensure everyone learns something at the end of the day.

1. “My Professor duct tapes her own mouth during presentations so she doesn’t interrupt, distract, or intimidate the presenters.”

Credit: Lemonykitten / Reddit

2. This elementary school teacher came up with a unique secret handshake for every student.

Credit: itsfoine / Reddit

3. “In our class, everyone who is done with their task can go to a room with video games and play.”

Credit: lolTheRobot / Reddit

4. “We found 5 abandoned kittens running around the school grounds, and my teacher caught one. This is how our class is being taught.”

Credit: Unknown author / Reddit

5. “Being both the art and literacy teacher means I can incorporate the book we’re reading into our art project. And of course, we just had to make Harry Potter themed bookmarks!”

Credit: phoenixpangwa / Twitter

6. A retired teacher turned his truck into a library to encourage reading.

Credit: Dorby_ / Reddit

7. This geography teacher didn’t have a map, so he drew one by himself.

Credit: rhyndzu / Imgur

8. “My teacher has a robot to help him.”

Credit: funmazaq / Reddit

9. “At least my chemistry teacher has a sense of humor!”

Credit: MeowMeowMatthew / Reddit

10. “My professor always comments on my back-of-quiz doodles and it’s very pure.”

Credit: KaitlynK113 / Twitter

11. “Yesterday, my English teacher asked what my hobbies were. I said I didn’t have any and that I’d love to do stuff with microscopes but I couldn’t afford one. Today, he gave me this box.”

Credit: Elliebeatle / Imgur

12. “My math teacher gave me extra credit on my test for the doodle on the back.”

Credit: BiiBoBiLance / Twitter

13. “My art teacher from grade school painted her door over the summer.”

Credit: CredoInMiracula / Imgur

14. “Every Friday during school, one of my substitute teachers dresses up in a banana costume and sings a song about going bananas because it’s Friday.”

Credit: Thundermike4 / Reddit

15. This Taiwanese teacher has incredible chalk drawing skills.

Credit: amaturegifmaker / Imgur

16. “My mom is the cutest art teacher ever!! She made a dress and had every one of her students draw one thing on the dress for her to wear. This was her at her student’s art show tonight. I’m sobbing.”

Credit: charlece_lake / Twitter

17. This teacher didn’t have a laser pointer but it was someone’s birthday so she just used the knife for the cake.

Credit: Gadivenepon / Reddit

18. “My teacher nailed his student’s phone to the wall for using it in class 20 years ago. It’s still there to this day.”

Credit: Dansawsumting / Reddit

19. “Our chemistry teacher made the classroom ceiling really cool.”

Credit: Plebsplease / Reddit

20. A teacher from Texas cleaned garbage from around the school by himself to teach his students that they should care about the things around them.

Credit: nathanjoco / Reddit

Credit: Brightside


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