There are more than 5 “T” in this puzzle. How many can you find?


Brain games like crossword puzzles, optical illusions, and Sudoku are some of the games that you can play to recharge after a hectic day or even when you are taking a brief break.

Apart from the joy of playing it, brain games can also be a great way to train your brain and strengthen your memory.

So, why not take a few minutes to solve this puzzle and find as many “T” as you can.

It may seem simple at first glance but do not be tricked later on as you will slowly be confused by the 7s and the hidden Ts.

Not many people can find all the Ts in this image under 10 seconds but if you can find it all before the time is up, you definitely have excellent eyesight!

Here in this image are several lines of the number seven with a few Ts hidden in between them. Remember, do not let the 7s deceive you.


Your 10 seconds starts now!

Now that time is up, how did you find the puzzle? Did you manage to find all the hidden Ts?

Remember how many Ts you found in the image. If you found more than 5, congratulations, but there is actually more than 5 Ts.

Are you ready to know the answer?

Here, all the Ts have been marked in white. There are 9 Ts hidden in the image

Did you find all 9 Ts? Congratulations!

If you enjoy this puzzle, why not share it with your friends and family so you can compare each other’s answer!


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