The first hidden animal you see in this rainforest can reveal your personality. Try it yourself!


It may seem as if there are only trees and twigs festooned with mosses but this stunning drawing of rainforest actually shows more than that.

Hidden in this incredible drawing are a number of wild animals that have been cleverly concealed into the delicate trees, moss-covered twigs and forest floor. Depending on which animal you see first, it will tell what type of person you are.

Which animal do you see first?

1. Elephant

If you catch a glimpse of an elephant ‘hiding’ at the corner of the drawing, you are a calm person and philosophical when it comes to life. You love to think and be progressive. You also enjoy solving problems.

2. Gorilla

You are born genius and have the ability to analyze things even when it is beyond your reach. You also have very strategic thinking which further makes your analysis to be more comprehensive and accurate than others.

3. Toucan

You possess both the qualities of a philosophical and a strategist. Compared to other people, you tend to think both of the pros and cons. You like to know the positive and negative sides and all the drawbacks and benefits that could occur to think of the best solution.

4. Lion

You are not someone who only looks at a problem from just one angle or perspective. Often you consider all the perspectives and opinions before you make your decision about something. You can easily understand everyone because you have a very comprehensive view.

5. Sloth

Not many people can spot a sloth in the drawing which means that if you spot it first, you have a very rare personality. Only 1 in every 10,000 people can spot the sloth!

This also means that you a very strategic person and have the potential to be a powerful leader.

Created by French illustrator and art director Anaïs Boileau and Samuel Volk, the drawing also delivers a powerful message about trees.

It is a part of a WWF campaign which seeks donations from the public to save trees that makeup rainforests. Even though rainforest only covers 7% of the Earth, it is the home of more than 50% of species in the world.

Credit: Scene360 | WWF


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