Billionaire Bill Gates spotted waiting in line to get his hands on his favorite burger—just like the rest of us!


It must be true when people say billionaires don’t really act or spend money like they’re rich. Looking at this picture of Bill Gates—one of the richest men in the world lining up for food makes us realize that billionaires are just like all of us after all!

He might be rich, but when it comes to burgers—it’s all about the wait! Over the weekend, the burger-loving billionaire was spotted waiting in a line at Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle. With a fortune of USD95.5 billion, nobody would’ve guessed that Bill Gates would casually wait to get his hands on the burgers in his red sweater, gray pants and black sneakers.

Gates patiently waits for his favorite burger.

Credit: Facebook/ Mike Galos

When we assume extremely rich people would only go for fine dining, Gates’ meal just costs him $7.68! The deluxe burger from the drive-in costs him $3.40, $1.90 for fries and $2.38 for the Coke.

Photo illustration of food items from Dick’s. (Credit: DDIR)

The photo was snapped in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle on Sunday evening and uploaded to a closed alumni board page by a former Microsoft employee, Mike Galos.

“When you’re worth about USD100,000,000,000, run the largest charity in the history of the world and stand in line for a burger, fries and Coke at Dick’s like the rest of us,” wrote Galos in his status.

Galos posted this status on his social media.

When you're worth about $100,000,000,000, run the largest charity in the history of the world and stand in line for a…

Posted by Mike Galos on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

“This how real rich people behave unlike the gold toilet seat wannabe poser in the White House,” added Galos in the post that immediately went viral—while probably throwing shade at President Donald Trump at the same time.

“Bill’s not big on attention but is generally friendly and understands he’s a bit of a celebrity. I’ve chatted with him at parties before but on the street or in a restaurant I don’t know him well enough to go over and say hi,” said Galos.

Gates was known to be a fan of Dick’s-a burger chain in Seattle, Washington and a regular of Burgermaster in Bellevue.

Photo illustration of Dick’s Drive Through in Seattle. (Credit: Flickr)

“I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that. But once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger. Dick’s has not raised their prices enough,” said Gates once in 2011.

Must-have! Here is another picture in front of one of his favorite burger joints—Burgermaster.

Credit: Daily Mail UK

Such a humble billionaire!

Credit: Daily Mail UK


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