The way you show your hands will reveal more about your personality


There are a lot of tests out there that can help us get an insight into someone’s personality in an instant and there is a new craze in South Korea that will reveal one’s personality by using just their hands.

The personality test came from the idea that how someone extends their hand to you will let you know just what kind of person they are.

While people have various beliefs about personality tests, it is certainly interesting to test out whether or not their answers actually tells the truth about their personality.

This personality test is very simple, just ask your friend or any person of your interest to extend their hand to you. You will be able to know a lot about a person by looking at their hands!

Type 1: Palm facing down, open fingers

This kind of person is an open book and it is easy to know their emotions through their face. However, they can be very hard-headed and strong-willed sometimes but if you can convince them with a reason, they will start to open up and make a consideration.

They can also easily affect other people with their mood and emotions.

Type 2: Palm facing down, closed fingers

They can easily adapt to the new environment and get along with new people. Even though they can sometimes appear not making enough efforts when doing something, they stay true to their promises and words.

Type 3: Palm facing up, open fingers

They are good at socializing with other people but not very good when it comes to deep conversations and expressing their feelings. They like to hide their feelings but hope for others to understand and comfort them.

Type 4: Palm facing up, closed fingers

They build walls with strangers and do not simply let anyone enter their private lives. However, if you can gain their trust, they will be completely honest and open with you.

They also may appear strong from the outside but they are actually fragile and have a sensitive heart. They will need a long time to recover from a difficult time in their lives.

Are the results accurate for you? Let us know in the comments section.


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