Man shares inspiring transition photos after quitting smoking and the internet is impressed


For many heavy smokers, they never know that smoking gives a huge impact on their appearances and so does quitting it. 

One former smoker from Taiwan saw the dramatic change he experienced after he had successfully quit smoking.

Credit: Pixabay/Tumisu

While it is common knowledge that smoking is not a healthy habit and could affect one’s health to a great extent, not many people know that it does affect the appearance as well.

The man shared two before-and-after photos on his social media account of which the “Before” photo is the one when he was still a smoker while the “After” photo is the one he took after he quit smoking.

It does not take much effort to notice how different he looks in the two photos.

Apparently, he looks much better and healthier in the “After” photo!

In his post, the former smoker shared his intention to let everyone know that smoking will affect one’s appearance.

In less than 24 hours, his post quickly gained over 20,000 shares after he posted the photos on Facebook.

After quitting smoking for two years, he certainly looks better with healthy and glowing skin.

In his post, he wrote, “When I was still smoking a packet (of cigarettes) a day, I weighed only 52kg while my height was 178cm. I could only taste tobacco (in my mouth).”

“I got full just by smoking cigarettes and sometimes didn’t even bother to eat my meals. My face was very oily and full of pimples,” he continued.

Due to his skinny figure, sunken cheeks, and disheveled appearance, many people initially thought that he was a drug addict.

He then decided to quit smoking but he admitted that the whole process of quitting was not a breeze. It took him four years to completely ditch the habit.

Now, his weight has risen to 70 kilograms and there is hardly pimples on his face. He continued that after years of smoking, he finally able to enjoy the food he eats as the taste of tobacco stop lingering in his mouth.

For those who want to quit smoking, he shared a piece of advice at the end of his pot. “It’s not hard to quit smoking, you just need to have perseverance.”


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