What does your feet says about your personality at home?


Everyone plays a role in the family. You may be the one who makes all the decisions, the advisor, the quiet one or the peacemaker. Now take a look at your feet to see which one describes you the most.

Shape 1 The Advisor

At home, you are the most capable person and most likely an ‘advisor’ in the family.

The shape of the feet is wide and square in shape. The length of all the toes are almost the same and is generally called a peasant foot. People with this foot are often practical and hardworking.

You are the most dependable person in the family. Everyone relies on you and needs you to take care of any problem that they find hard to overcome.

You are a caring and responsible person but not flexible enough. You do not know how to market yourself, most often your hard work will be ignored or not recognized.

In the days to come, you need to streamline your work and be more open-minded. Do not overexert yourself. Everyone at home needs you to be healthy and happy.

Shape 2 The Leader

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At home, you are the leader of your family. Your status at home is the highest.

Your foot is elongated and the second toe is longer than the others. So it is generally called ‘Greek foot’. People with this kind of foot are often proactive, self-motivated and do not like to lose.

Your income might not necessarily be the highest in the family, sometimes you might not be the person issuing orders, but at home, you are the one who is really in power. Any task large or small will need to get your opinion first.

You are strong, good in leadership skills and demanding. You take care of your family with your own methods and some will have to concede to your firmness.

What you need most is someone who can coax and pamper you so that your nervousness can relax.

Shape 3 The Mediator

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At home, you are a mediator. You have a close relationship with every family member. Everyone is willing to be with you. The length of the first three toes are similar and the length of the last two toes is shortened. This type of food is called ‘Roman foot’.

People with this kind of foot are generally extroverted, have good relationships and have high emotional intelligence.

In the eyes of outsiders, you are not necessarily the leader of this family but a core family member. The elderly and children like you. You are considered a special person to your spouse and friends like to talk to you.

You are not a firm person but you can subtly unite the whole family. With your good temper and easy going personality helps you to better solve various problems. You are an affectionate person and people around you are easily influenced by you.

Fortunately, you are a person who is enviable in the eyes of many people. But you are too soft-hearted and poor in decision making.

It would be good for you to strengthen your character because it is closely related to building a strong-bond family.

Shape 4 The Listener

Credit: Unsplash / John-Mark Smith

Also known as the common foot, you are a listener at home. You have your own ideas, but you rather listen than expressing them.

This type of foot starting from the big toe will become shorter descendingly until the little toe. This kind of foot is called the ‘Egyptian foot’. People with this kind of foot tends to be sensitive and delicate, have more thoughts and are more conservative and calm.

You are good at hiding your emotions and you don’t like to make decisions on your own. At home, you prefer to keep a low profile and does not like to publicize. In fact, you are very good at observing. When you are in trouble, you will have an idea on how to solve the problem but you rather solve the problem in a low-profile manner

People with this foot shape may lack a sense of security and their pursuit of love is relatively pure and ideal. So they are vulnerable when they encounter deception and betrayal.

As a reserved person, you need your other half to understand you,  understand what you are trying to communicate and understand your silence.  But sometimes if you encounter a clumsy person, you must know how to open your heart at the right time to make family relationship harmonious.


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