I don’t want my 88-year-old grandmother to be alone at home—girl carries her to work every day, giving her best to grandma


When was the last time you chatted with your old man at home?

Love and care for our elderly are often the easiest things to say, but the hardest to do. We live in a flourished society and so occupied with our everyday lives, leaving lesser time to be with them in the family. Many times we ignore their longing eyes, and what they hope for is simply companionship.

The girl in this story is completely different. When she was young, her parents left her with her grandmother while they leave to work in the city.

Now that she is all grown up, she will not forget the old lady who has been by her side all this while. Now that the girl has her own restaurant, she has decided to be always by her 88-year-old grandmother’s side and not let her feel alone.

The old grandmother can’t walk too far, so the girl would carry her around.

The girl said that when she was a child, her grandmother never left her alone, and now she will always be with her grandmother.

Time with grandmother is the best moment for the young lady.

Everyone is very worried that the grandmother who has lived in the country for a long time is not able to adapt to city life.

But the girl thinks that the change in the environment is not a bad thing. There are also many people who can chat with her grandmother. She enjoys the present life.

Grandma likes to sit outside the door to see people coming and going, this is her favorite pastime.

Grandma also said that she is very happy now, without losing anything.

Not everyone has the means to take care of their elderly, but occasional visits and telephone calls will make a big difference. They may not need the 24 hours care, but staying for a while and listening to them is all they need.

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