Even if you are rich and capable, never look down on anyone. One day you may find yourself having nothing at all.


Life is like a big wheel. Sometimes you are up high above everyone else and sometimes you are at the bottom. No one can predict the ups and downs of life.

Hence, that is why it is important for you to never look down on anyone when you are at the top of the world.

There may be many people who are not as successful or happy as you are but there are a lot of others who are doing better than you.

Respect everyone, no matter how rich or poor they are.

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Some people may not be blessed by worldly blessings like many people but sometimes, they are blessed with good health and supportive family.

As long as they are kind, never look down on them.

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The next time you go out and walk on the streets, remember to respect the cleaners who have worked very hard to clean up the streets. They may not have much in terms of materials but they may have better conscience than most people.

Look at the clean streets that you pass by every day. It is the result of the hard work by the street cleaners. Look at the house you live in. It is the result of the construction workers who worked hard days and night, rain or shine.

Look at the food you eat. It is because of the farmers who work tirelessly at the farms that you are able to eat.

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As the world keeps changing, so does our lives. Today, you might be at the top of the world and have everything you desire. The next day, you could lose everything and be at the bottom as you see other people rise to the top.

A truly successful person will never look down on anyone.

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If you want others to respect you, you must first treat others with respect.

So, do not look down on anyone and treat others with respect and love. As long as we live our lives respecting each other, only then our lives will be meaningful and become better and better.


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