4yo girl receives a beautiful reply after posting a letter to “Mummy in Heaven”


A four-year-old girl who lost her mother to cancer was beyond excited when she received a heartwarming reply after sending a letter to her deceased mother on Mother’s Day. 

Ella Lennon from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire sent a letter to her late mother, Jennifer, ahead of Mother’s Day with the letter addressed to “Mummy in heaven.”

The letter was concealed in an envelope which read, “To Mummy in Heaven, Happy Mother’s Day. I Love You, Ella.”

Credit: Twitter/@Lindaa_x

Jennifer passed away after battling a brain tumor for four years.

Credit: Facebook/Linda Ross

The little girl did not expect much to get a reply after dropping the letter in a postbox.

Credit: Twitter/@Lindaa_x

Little did she know that one kind-hearted stranger from Royal Mail did a kind gesture by replying her heartfelt letter.

Credit: Twitter/@Lindaa_x

The touching reply from Royal Mail read how much Jennifer was proud of Ella.

The letter said, “To my beautiful Ella. Thank you so much for my very special Mother’s Day card. You’re one in a minion to me and I love you very, very much. Millions and billions and trillions is how much I love you!”

Credit: Twitter/@Lindaa_x

“You are growing up to be a very clever and special big girl, and I am so proud of you. And even though I am in heaven, I watch over you every day!”

“Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Mummy xxx.”

The letter’s envelope had an address of: “Mummy, 1 Angel Gate, In the clouds, Heaven.”

Ella’s aunt, Linda Ross later shared the heartwarming exchange on her social media.

“On my sister’s 1st heavenly Mother’s Day, Ella sent her mummy a card. Today a kind stranger from the Royal Mail used their time to reply and make a little girl so happy!” she wrote.

“Her face lit up with the biggest smile. Just shows the amazing people in this world! Can’t thank you enough!”

After the post made rounds on social media, it seemed like Ella and Linda were not the only ones who were moved by the nice gesture. Many users shared their comments about the touching letter from “her mummy in heaven.”

One user commented, “I just cried at this.” while another user wrote, “Oh wow I’m sobbing! This is beautiful.”

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