Brave little girl is dubbed as Thailand’s ‘little angel’. She has been following her parents to do volunteer work since she was 2.


At first glance, Nakhon Ratchasima is just like any other typical 6-year-olds; she likes to smile a lot and she has a young and bubbly personality. However, unlike other children her age, Nakhon prefers to join volunteering activities over playing with her friends by helping to save others’ lives.

According to Top News, Nakhon’s father is an ambulance driver while her mother works as a nurse. Her parents often bring her along to join their volunteering activities after work.

Her father said: “When my daughter turned two years old, Nakhon was already a regular when it comes to volunteering. At that time, she joined my wife and I distributing food to flood victims. I reckon that was the moment which sparked her interest to volunteer for a good cause. She has never complained about getting tired of the volunteering activities.”

It is no doubt that Nakhon has a heart of gold

Apart from helping the injured ones, she has also volunteered to manage corpses.

When asked whether or not she was afraid with corpses, the bright child replied with calmly: “I am not afraid and I have never seen any strange things. I have seen countless of adult and child corpses and I am used to it. My father told me that I should not be afraid because we only want to save people”

After 4 years following her parents’ footsteps in volunteering work, Nakhon is now familiar with all the works done.

Once, she helped to clean up a cemetery

She added: “I do not really remember the first time I followed my parents to become a volunteer. I just can recall when my parents brought me along and taught me how to clean the wounds of the people we were helping. Fast forward, now I am used to it. Many people like me and want to take pictures with me. I also get money and food from the public but I give them all to the ones who need them more than me”

Nakhon’s unselfishness and sympathy really go beyond her tender age. At such a young age, the girl already knows what social responsibility is and even volunteers for charity works that many adults would hesitate to join.

We hope Nakhon’s story will inspire many people to do the same and encourage parents to teach their children to start volunteering and participate in charity works. You can start by teaching them to respect and help other people regardless of their race, religion, and age.

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