Meet Mahdis, 7, the Iranian beauty and Instagram star who has been dubbed most beautiful girl in the world


Meet Mahdis Mohammadi, the gorgeous seven-year-old from Iran who has been dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world for her doll-like features!

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

The little girl even has her own Instagram account run by her mom, and she already has a huge following at such a young age!


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The Iranian beauty is particularly well known for large eyes and has amassed a following of over 186,000 fans!

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

She’s even picked up modeling early! Her portfolio includes brands like Badalijat, Sete Madar Dokhta and Grand Kids Shop, according to Famous Birthdays.

This little angel has the most delicate features and her fans can’t get enough!

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

She has thick luscious locks, fluttery eyelashes and a sharp nose.

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

Mahdis also has naturally flushed cheeks and pink lips!

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

It’s no wonder so many companies want to hire her as a child model.

She’s no doubt a natural, and strikes the most adorable poses—she’s super photogenic!

And it’s safe to say good genes definitely run in the family.

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91

Just look at how beautiful her mom is! She must be so proud of her Mahdis.

Credit: Instagram/ @mahdis_mohammadi91



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