Mom races against time to find new heart for dying 16-month-old daughter


A mom from Kentucky is desperately searching for a new heart for her 16-month-old daughter, who was born with a defect.

Credit: GoFundMe/ hopeforrori

Jennifer Shane was devastated when she was told her baby girl, named Aurora “Rori”, would only survive if she had a heart transplant.

So far, surgeries to correct the defect have all been unsuccessful and now baby Aurora only has one more shot at life.

Credit: GoFundMe/ hopeforrori

Although her mom has signed Aurora up on the transplant list, it’s been over 200 days and they’ve had no luck.

Now, she’s waiting for her new heart in Norton Children’s Hospital, where she has spent most of her life—and two Christmases!

Credit: GoFundMe/ hopeforrori

“Rori has been waiting a long time for a heart,” Jennifer wrote in a touching Facebook post.

“Unfortunately, because of her size she has not received many offers, blood type and weight are a key factor, a donor who weights 20-50 pounds is needed and her blood type is A+.

“Sharing this on social media is a long shot but it has worked and after living in the hospital for almost two years with Rori, I’ve heard firsthand of these stories.

“So I’m here bare bones about my daughter and her story to strangers which is not an easy thing but if this finds her a heart I would do it a million times over.

“If someone sees this and can help or get us in touch with someone who can help please let me know here or I can be reached at 503-412-9976.

“If there is a heart out there for Rori the cardiac transplant team can work with the donor and the donors family, confirm the match and Rori can truly have a real chance.

“Thank you for caring – Jen (Rori’s mom),” she added.

Aurora’s mom has also set up a GoFundMe page to help with her medical expenses—you can help out by clicking the link!

Credit: GoFundMe/ hopeforrori

We hope baby Rori finds her new heart soon!

Credit: Newsner


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