How you hold your mobile phone can reveal the truth about your personality


While it is true that your mobile phone can reveal a lot about your personality and background, the way you hold it in your hand can actually reveal your personality as well.

Choose how you usually hold your mobile phone from the four options below.

Answer A = Hold with one hand and type with the thumb 

External character:

Nothing can easily defeat you, is highly intuitive, possess a charming personality and a strong memory. You do not easily give up on someone that you love. You may also seem mysterious to others. However, you can easily get along with the crowd and are creative and talented.

On top of that, you are hardworking, ambitious, flexible and take your duties and responsibilities seriously.

Inner character:

You are far from being reckless and you know well who sincerely cares for you and who does not. You can easily differentiate between hatred and love. You are a straightforward person so there are times when your choice of words may come off as harsh to some people although you never mean to hurt anyone.

You also believe that everyone deserves happiness.


When you fall in love with someone, you fall hard. Hence, why it is difficult for you to rebound after a breakup. You are also protective and willing to do anything for your partner or your loved ones.

Answer B = Hold with one hand and type with the thumb of the other hand

External character: 

You are sensitive, imaginative, helpful and sympathetic, and highly intuitive. You tend to move around a lot and can get quite impatient. You seek adventure, funny and tend to reply sarcasm with light-hearted jokes.

Internal character:

You love being protected and loved by others and you also love making others feel good and comfortable when they are around you. However, you often have a hard time to make a decision and tend to follow others, hence you can be easily manipulated.

You do not like being pretentious and love everything to be in moderation. You are not a  reckless person.


Even though you are a romantic, you often find it hard to express your feelings towards your partner. You do not always show how you feel to others but you are actually quite emotional and selfless when it comes to other people.

Answer C = Hold with both hands and type with both thumbs

External character: 

Talented, creative and charming traits make others easily fall in love with you. You are also generous, smart and confident with high self-esteem and willpower. You are also hardworking, full of ambition, efficient, flexible and take your job seriously.

Internal character:

Even though you are full of talent, you sometimes struggle with anxiety that it hinders you from attempting new things. You are afraid of failures and rejections as you hold high expectation of yourself. You need someone who can understand you and your perspectives in life. You are also friendly with anyone regardless of their status.


You do not easily move on from previous relationships as you hold certain standards and expectations when it comes to relationships. You are always doubtful and always hope for someone to count on. However, you do not dare to put high hopes.

You have low self-esteem when you are with your partner and you do not really care about your own feelings. You prefer to act as if there is nothing wrong for the sake of harmony.

Answer D = Hold with one hand and type with index finger from the other hand

External character:

Very creative, intelligent, sharp and realistic. Love art, charming and attractive. However, you tend to overthink.

Internal character:

You prefer to observe and listen. You are willing to sacrifice for others to protect them but your choice of words can be quite harsh and straightforward for some people.

You do not dream for much and feel that is enough to just have close friends who understand you.


You do not to be in the center of attention and do not like crowded places. You are most at ease when you are at a comfortable and familiar place. Likewise, this is what you look for in a partner.

You are sensitive and can get easily hurt if you get into a fight with your loved ones. Nevertheless, your sensitive personality means that you are more sympathetic towards others and easily forgive someone.


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