At the age of 30, former housemaid defies all odds and graduates Magna Cum Laude

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Working as a housemaid, a nanny and a seamstress never stopped Grace Labrador Bacus from graduating Magna Cum Laude from the university even when she finally got to achieve her dream at the age of 30. 

The third child out of nine siblings, Grace initially thought that it would be impossible for her to attend college and get a better job as her parents could not afford to pay for her college fees.

Nonetheless, she never stopped dreaming about graduating from university one day which later led to her working as a nanny and a housemaid at such a young age to send herself to college and to help her parents.

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However, the journey was not easy and it sometimes let her down when her teachers did not fully understand and be supportive of her effort.

As Grace has six other younger siblings, she and her other older siblings had to take turn to take care of their younger brothers and sisters. When it came to her turn, she had no other options but skip classes.

Unfortunately, some of her teachers failed to understand her struggle.

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“You’d better quit school because you don’t need a degree to take care of children,” Grace recalled one of her teachers said to her about being absent from the class.

“Yes, word for word I could still hear you say that. It was engraved in my heart. That the person I expected to understand me was the same person who broke me to pieces for she was supposedly my ADVISER, my second parent,” Grace wrote on Facebook.

“I promised to myself I will never treat my students the same way I was treated back then,” she concluded.

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There were also some people who tried to convince Grace’ parents to stop sending her to school as no one ever get rich by going to school.

Nevertheless, Grace remained positive and optimistic about her future and potential that she was determined to attend college even if she had to work for a decade after high school to save some money for college.

When she turned 26, Grace finally had the chance to go back to school to get a diploma. That was when things started to change for the better for her.

Thanks to her outstanding academic achievement and a consistently number 1 in Dean’s list, she was advised by her parents and her professors to pursue a bachelor degree.

Grace then continued her studies at Talisay City College where she earned her Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and graduated as Magna Cum Laude!

Credit: Facebook/Grace Labrador Bacus

Had Grace listened to the negative comments back then, she would never graduate as Magna Cum Laude and achieve her dream.

Her story proves that poverty is never a hindrance to one’s success and that it is never too late to turn your dream into a reality!

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