Mother-in-law learns lesson after setting unrealistic expectations on her daughter-in-law


In many Asian countries, women are always expected to return to perfect health and the piles of household chores as soon as they give birth.

One mother-in-law later learned that how her unrealistic expectation almost made her lost her daughter-in-law.

Cecilia fell pregnant with her second child around the time her little daughter entered kindergarten. This time around, she was hoping to be pregnant with a boy.

However, she later found out that she was expecting more than one baby when she went for a scan at the hospital.

The doctor told her that she was pregnant with triplets and that it was important for her to get a good rest during her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it seemed impossible as she had to take care of her little daughter on top of doing the household chores and cooking for her husband and her mother-in-law.

As Cecilia was a housewife, her mother-in-law felt no need to help her with the household chores, thinking that it was her duty since she was not working. This went on even after Cecilia gave birth to her triplets.

After a month of giving birth to her triplets, Cecilia was already back on her feet as she resumed her duties as a wife and a mother to her four children.

However, it later took a toll on her health as she had no time to properly rest.

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One day, Cecilia wanted to give her triplets a bath but then, she suddenly had a severe cramp in her stomach. She later asked for help from her mother-in-law to give a bath to her triplets.

The mother-in-law reluctantly helped her out with the triplets and as soon as Cecilia’s husband returned home from work, she complained to her son. The husband then went to ask for an explanation from Cecilia but then he saw how pale Cecilia was.

At that time, Cecilia’s hands were already cold and she looked as if she would pass out any time soon that the husband realized she was not well.

He then rushed her to the hospital where the doctors told that Cecilia was exhausted and had to be hospitalized.

The mother-in-law later learned about Cecilia’s condition and she realized how harsh she was towards her daughter-in-law.

At the hospital, she asked for forgiveness from Cecilia and told her that she had misunderstood her for being incompetent while she actually needed help from her more than anybody else.

The mother-in-law’s words had Cecilia burst into tears. Now, she knew that her mother-in-law wanted nothing but the best for her and her family.


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