UK company is paying for $65,000 a year to travel the world to try new food!


Want to get paid solely by trying new food and traveling around the world? This job might be for you!

While getting paid for going on a holiday and eating food seems like a non-existent job, a company from the United Kingdom has turned it into a reality as they are looking for someone who can travel the world in search for new food.

Vibrant Vegan Co., a plant-based food subscription service is currently looking for someone to hire as their new ‘Director of Taste’.

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The lucky person will receive £50,000 ($65,460) in salary with all accommodation, travel and food expenses full sponsored by the company.

Even though the applicants do not necessarily need to be vegan, it probably will help a lot as they are focusing on plant-based ingredients as you will need to discover new food around the globe and report back to the company.

Travelling can take up as long as four months and you will get to visit countries including India, China, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Japan while researching for exciting ingredients and recipes that the company will then use.

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Vibrant Vegan Co. listed several requirements for those who are interested to apply as you must be ‘suitably qualified with at least three years’ experience in the food business and ‘preferably have a degree in Food Science or similar’, although the company stated that it was not mandatory.

“We are looking for an experienced individual with an excellent palate, to bring exciting new and innovative recipes to the UK as our new Director of Taste. You will be responsible for finding, then taste testing new exotic ingredients and recipes, which will be fed back and incorporated into our products.

“You will help set up overseas partnerships to source the new ingredients you find and will be expected to work up to 35 hours a week, with flexible working patterns available.

“Full sick pay and 28 days holiday. It’s important that the candidate is available and willing to be away from the UK for long periods of time.”

The shortlisted candidates will undergo a rigorous interview process and be subject to a full background check.

During the final stage of the interview process, the candidates will have their palate tested to see if it is up to their standard.

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply for the dream job by sending an email to [email protected]

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