You can gain weight easily if you work too hard, here’s why


Ever wonder why you pile on weight so easily when you barely have time to sit down to enjoy a good meal when you are so busy at work? Chances are, stress is the real culprit.

According to a BBC article penned by Dr. Michael Mosley, chronic stress could disrupt our sleep and our blood sugar levels, making it easier for us to get hungry and find comfort in eating.

He further added that if the situation persists for quite a while, the higher level of stress and disrupted blood sugars and sleep cycles could lead to unhealthy levels of body fat and also type-2 diabetes.

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Dr. Mosley later explained that the unwanted consequences of stress are a result of our body getting into the “fight or flight” mode when we get stressed out.

As the body is under stress, it starts preparing by releasing glucose so that we could have more energy in our muscles.

However, since we are not exactly in danger, the pancreas then pumps insulin to bring down the glucose levels.

This fluctuation levels of blood sugars in our body are what makes us get hungry easily.

Apparently, if you do not have enough sleep, it will also lead to persistent hunger and comfort eating.

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Hence, this is why we should reduce our stress by doing relaxing activities after work hours. One of the technique he recommended to reduce stress is by breathing the stress away.

You can do it in any way that you find most relaxing; sitting, standing or lying. First, start breathing in as deeply as you can to a count of five through your nose.

Next, breathe out gently through your mouth to a count of five, steadily. Keep breathing in and out for three of five minutes.

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Dr. Mosely also highlighted that stress can be reduced by exercising, gardening, doing yoga or pretty much anything that can relax your mind after a hectic day at work or school.

Most importantly, he said, that the stress-busting activities only work if you enjoy it and find it relaxing. So, try different things and see which one works best for you!

Credit: BBC


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