Little girl, 5, walks blind dad to farm every day with wooden stick to help him work


An adorable 5-year-old girl from the Philippines has been recorded walking her blind dad, Nelson Pepe, to work every day, and the video has gone viral!

Credit: Facebook/ Rubylyn Capunes

Rubylyn Capunes Pabillion, posted the heartwarming video on Facebook, captioned, “This is the story of blind man named ‘Dodong’ together with his 5-year old daughter, at her young age she keeps on helping her father to guide his way to the farm and way back home.”

“Please try to help them by sharing this video. This is an inspiration to all,” he added.

The little girl, Jenny, can be seen barefoot in a white dress, guiding her dad around a coconut farm in Sogod, Southern Leyte, using a long wooden stick.

Credit: Facebook/ Rubylyn Capunes

Her dad then stops for a meal of crackers and water with her help. 

Everyday, Pepe climbs 60 coconut trees which made him  Php300 (approx. US$5.54), according to ABS-CBN News.

Credit: Facebook/ Rubylyn Capunes

He didn’t let his blindness stop him from providing for his family! 

The three-minute clip showing Jenny’s love and devotion for her dad quickly went viral on Facebook, and has been shared over 50,000 times.

Thousands of social media users around the world have been touched by the footage of the father and daughter!

It even caught the attention of “Rate K”, a magazine show by ABS-CBN, who quickly tracked them down to offer their help.

With their help, Pepe went to Manila to finally diagnose his tragic eye-condition.

It turned out he had a rare genetic eye disease called retinal detachment and retinitis pigmentosa, which is where the retina of the eye is damaged.

As well as the medical help, they helped to relocate Pepe, his three kids and wife so a less dangerous environment, and give him livelihood training.

Credit: Facebook/ Rubylyn Capunes

In another hugely generous move, Pepe was Kindly given Php10,000 (US$189.95) to help him set up a neighborhood sundry store. How incredible!

We’re so happy life is looking bright for this adorable family! Watch the touching video below:

Credit: The Epoch Times


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