105yo woman meets newborn great-great-grandchild as 5 generations gather for the first time


Not many have the opportunity to celebrate their 105th birthday or meet their great-great-grandchild but it seems that this lucky elderly woman has hit life’s jackpot!

Annie Berry who celebrated her 105th birthday on January 18 this year knows exactly how it feels like to live a happy and blessed long life.

Recently, she welcomes a special visit by the youngest member of her family — her newborn great-great-granddaughter, Olivia.

Credit: Facebook / Russell Price Jr.

Along with Olivia, all five generations of her family also visited her at Genesis Larkin Chase Center in Bowie, Maryland to celebrate the very special day.

According to WUSA9, Berry was overjoyed to meet her great-great-granddaughter for the first time.

“I think she’s cute like Grandmama,” Annie said as she cradled Olivia who has just turned one week old in her arms.

Credit: Facebook / Russell Price Jr.

Annie was born in Meridian, Mississippi, in 1914, back in the times when racial segregation was a common practice in the United States. She recalled working in a cotton farm and shuck corn when she was younger.

Following the heavy discrimination towards African-Americans in the southern United States, Annie then moved to North Carolina. She later worked as a caretaker for a family before she began to work as a school administrator.

After she retired, Annie then moved to Washington D.C. and settled down with her family.

Credit: Facebook / Russell Price Jr.

When asked her secret to a long life and maintain good health, Annie said that it was all because of her “obedience to the Lord.”

Plus, surrounded by loving family members is also what keeps her happy and grateful.

Credit: Facebook / Russell Price Jr.

For that, Annie wished that her great-great-granddaughter will also grow up to be a loving person.

“I’d like for her to be kind and loving and do what mother says to do,” Annie said.

Watch this video of Annie and the heartwarming moment she first laid her eyes on her newborn great-great-granddaughter here.

Credit: The Epoch Times


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