Grandpa goes viral after girl records his adorable reactions every time she visits


87-year-old Robert definitely has the best reaction every time he gets to meet his beloved granddaughter, Jennifer and the internet loves it!

No matter how frequent Robert meets up with Jennifer, he greets her in the most adorable way one could ever think of.

Jennifer Barclay, Robert’s granddaughter always visits him every week in his home in Methil, Scotland.

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one from the weekend???

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The two never gets bored with each other’s company, especially Robert who gets more than excited when Jennifer visits him.

Jennifer who enjoys her grandfather’s cute greetings later decided to compile videos of his greetings. She then shared it on her social media account.

“My wee Grandad, 87 years young and he’s my no.1 guy. I love him with all my heart,” she wrote in her Twitter post.

“And I love recording his reactions when I come to visit. I hope everyone can appreciate the video I’ve made as much as I do xoxo.”

Suffice it to say, millions of people around the world quickly fell in love with her grandfather’s reactions.

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Little throwback to my grans 80th bday party ?

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The video has been viewed over 8 million times so far!

Some users even left comments on how Robert adores Jennifer. “Hello, honeybun’. Says it all.”

Meanwhile, some people took notice of how good Robert’s sense of fashion is thanks to his stylish sweater collection!

Many people found the video heartwarming and delighted at seeing the pure happiness Robert shows whenever Jennifer comes to visit that some recalled the time when they got to visit their grandparents.

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Suffice it to say, the love that Robert has received led to Jennifer setting up his Instagram account!

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Happy New Year from Robert?

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Now, everyone can see Robert’s cheerful and lovely reactions as well as his fashion.

Credit: Elite Readers | Twitter/@JenBarclayX | Instagram/@the.grandad.diaries


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