Fear of holes? Nokia’s latest 9 PureView’s phone lenses does not impress people with this condition


This year has seen mobile phone brands raising their game with the latest smartphone designs and technology including Nokia who recently revealed their latest model. However, people with a fear of holes are far from impressed with their model.

While Huawei has their own Mate 20 Pro smartphone that is equipped with four cameras, Nokia, on the other hand, decided to beat its competitors by releasing a smartphone with five cameras.

Recently, the giant brand from Finland revealed their latest model, the Nokia 9 PureView at the 2019 MWC tech show. The smartphone features a penta-camera with five lenses.

It also features a light and infrared sensor for detecting depth.

While this means that users can now take better and quick selfies that are comparable to the photos edited on Adobe Lightroom, not many people are impressed with how the cameras are placed.

As the layout of the camera features a cluster of ‘holes’, people with trypophobia have a hard time to look at the smartphone.

Trypophobia is the fear of holes and people who suffer from are often uncomfortable to see objects or images of clusters of holes or bumps.

Due to the odd setup, many people have taken their thoughts to social media, complaining that it triggers their phobia.

Some users also warned others to not search the Nokia’s latest smartphone for fear of the images of unwanted clusters of holes.

Experts explained that the adverse reactions towards the smartphone’s cameras may be caused by the fact that most deadly and poisonous animals in the world have clusters of holes or bumps on their skin.

“I get letters and emails all the time which say things like: ‘I couldn’t go to work for three days when I saw an image,'” explained a senior lecturer from the University of Essex, Dr. Geoff Cole.

“Others say they find it hard to concentrate after viewing one. For many people, they see something bad and it keeps playing on their mind. That’s a common one.”

Credit: Unilad


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