Cat cannot stop licking and hugging its new owner after being rescued on a highway


One grateful orange tabby cat just could not stop licking and hugging the woman who rescued it after they were reunited.

Meet Honeycake, the spoiled orange tabby cat.

Before Honeycake met the kind-hearted woman, it used to live a dreadful life. The cat was rescued by a kind stranger after being thrown out in a bag from a speeding car by its previous owner.

The cat was then brought to a shelter where it received treatment and care. However, they had a deadline for the cat to be adopted there.

Credit: Michigan Cat Rescue

Luckily, Michigan Cat Rescue heard about Honeycake and brought it to their shelter. There, the feline stayed with the rescuers while waiting for news of any new owner.

Finally on November 12, after a long wait, Honeycake’s dream to meet its new owner came true.

Credit: Michigan Cat Rescue

Renee who works as a nurse fell in love with Honeycake when she saw it at the shelter.

Later, she adopted Honeycake and renamed it as Finnegan.

Credit: Michigan Cat Rescue

“[Renee] said from now on, Honeycake (renamed Finnegan) will receive nothing but lots of love and kisses,” Michigan Cat Rescue wrote in their Facebook post.

Seems like Finnegan is in love with its new owner as he just cannot stop shower her with kisses and affection!

“You’re my human now.”

Credit: Michigan Cat Rescue

Even though Finnegan now lives in a better home, it may not be able to live as long as other cats. According to Renee, Finnegan suffers from health complications involving its heart.

So far, she has been making sure Finnegan receives the best treatment but the time might come when Finnegan’s heart is no longer able to function.

Nevertheless, that does not stop them from forming a close relationship with each other.

As for now, Finnegan is living his best life with Renee and that is all that matters.

Watch how spoiled Finnegan is when it is around Renee here.

Credit: Love Meow 


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