15yo teen bought robot to do her homework and outraged mom after being discovered


One schoolgirl’s dream of never having to do her homework again finally came true when she bought herself a robot to do it all for her.

This robot can copy your handwriting and do your homework for you!

Credit: Taobao

But her happiness didn’t last long—her mom was so mad at her laziness and smashed it.

The Chinese teen from Hangzhou splashed all of her Lunar New Year cash, around $120, on the so-called copying robot in the hopes she could cut her workload down. 

The 15-year-old schoolgirl was asked by her teacher to write some essays and copy some text from an exercise book during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

But she wanted to fully enjoy her holiday period so came up with the idea of buying a copying a robot, and managed to finish all her tasks in just two days!

Her mom was really suspicious about how quickly she finished her assignments, with tidy handwriting.

So her mom was naturally outraged when she discovered the machinery while cleaning her room.

Credit: Taobao

The machine’s packaging claimed it could “imitate all sorts of handwriting” and looked like a metal frame with a mechanical pen attached.

Her mom was so angry when she discovered the robot had been doing all of her homework for her, that she smashed it in rage.

Moms, do you all relate? 

“It can help you with homework, but can it help you on tests?” Zhang asked her daughter.

The innovative robot can apparently write in many different fonts and can even copy your handwriting exactly!

Credit: Taobao

It attaches to your computer with a USB cable and learns your handwriting after you write 6,000 Chinese characters in the app.

It can even write for up to eight hours a day, according to LichTech shop assistant Wang.

Now that’s a lot of homework!

Credit: SCMP


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