Comparing Megan Markle’s plight to Princess Diana’s, George Clooney defended the pregnant duchess


This Suits star was already famous before she met Prince Harry, but her being the Duchess of Sussex boasts her popularity to the next level. Unfortunately, fame came with a price and Meghan Markle is paying hers.

Being a divorcee, Markle has been scrutinized by tabloids for several different reasons—including one for breaking certain royal protocol. After marrying the royal family, dramas around Markle didn’t seem to slow down, thanks to her father Thomas Markle and half-sister Samantha Markle who have been feeding stories to the media.

Markle rose to international stardom after marrying Prince Harry.

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But tabloids seemed to never rest when it comes to the Duchess.

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When Markle and Harry refused to comment on any ongoing drama, some famous people have been coming to their defense—and one of them is none other than George Clooney.

Clooney opened up about the ‘irresponsible’ treatment of Markle by the media, comparing the Duchess of Sussex’s current situation to that of Princess Diana—as her tragic death has long been blamed on the paparazzi who chased her through the streets of Paris.

Clooney opened up about the mistreatment by the media to Markle. 

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“She’s a woman who is seven months pregnant and she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that Diana was and it’s history repeating itself,” said Clooney in an interview with Australia’s Who Magazine.

“We’ve seen how that ends,” added Clooney, referring to the car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997.

“I can’t tell you how frustrating that is, just seeing them broadcast a letter from a daughter to a father. She’s getting a raw deal there and I think it’s irresponsible and I’m surprised by that,” said Clooney as he slammed media outlets for teaming up with Thomas and sharing the contents of a heartbreaking letter that Markle had written to her father after the wedding fiasco.

Before Clooney’s interview was published, Princess Tessy of Luxembourg opened up about the intense bullying of the duchess and shared her thoughts on her Twitter.

The Duchess is now seven months into her pregnancy.

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“It’s not nice to talk badly about someone else just because one can, as he or she takes advantage of the anonymity of the web. Stay Kind! It’s the new cool! She does not deserve that.”

We hope that the Duchess will stay strong despite all the untruths and take good care of her health and the baby.

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