Watch how a group of children cook eggs with mud—not a single drop of water used


Egg is one of the easiest food to prepare and will turn out delicious whatever method you use. There’s a lot of ways to cook eggs like steaming, boiling, and frying, but how about cooking it in mud?

In this one interesting video shared on YouTube, a group of village children is showing off their excellent creativity by demonstrating how to cook a bunch of eggs all at once—without any single drop of water.

First, they dig a small ‘cave’ in the ground and make a small hole on the top of the cave.

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

The purpose of the small hole is to hold the egg later. Then they started a fire inside the small cave and lay a number of eggs that is enough for everybody around the small hole.

After arranging all the eggs, they cover them with leaves so that the eggs won’t get clogged with mud once they’re done. Then they cover the eggs and the leaves with mud again. The smart children didn’t forget to make pipe holes on the mud to allow water vapor to escape during the cooking process.

They arranged the eggs in the small hole on top of the small cave.

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

They covered the eggs with leaves so that it won’t get covered with mud later.

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

They make holes on top of it.

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

After a certain period of time, the mud and the leaves were taken off revealing the cooked eggs inside. The children divided the cooked eggs among them and happily ate them together.

The eggs are done and it looks delicious!

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

They are enjoying the eggs together!

Credit: YouTube/AroundMeBD

That is such an interesting way to cook eggs without water. Who is the smartest now?

Watch the whole process here:

Credit: NTD | YouTube


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